Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Sparkle Pool Service clean my pool?

    No. We do weekly pool chemical service. We test your pool's water each week and add the proper chemicals for sparkling clear water. Most of our customers only spend a few minutes each week on their pool - they empty the skimmer baskets and backwash their filter when needed. A Polaris or similar pool cleaner results in very little cleaning needed for most pools. By spending a few minutes doing these things, our customers enjoy big savings compared to full service (pool cleaning) companies, and do not have to store dangerous chemicals at their home. Our office will provide a referral for these services on request.

  • How soon can I swim after Sparkle treats my pool?

    We recommend waiting one hour before swimming.

  • How many hours per day should I run my pool filter?

    For D.E. (diatomaceous earth) filters: minimum of 10-12 hours/day For Cartridge filters: minimum of 11-13 hours/day For Sand filters: minimum of 12-14 hours/day Increase filter time for all filter types if pool activity is heavy. Our technician will leave a door hanger on your front door if your pool requires more filtration. The most common cause of cloudy water is inadequate filtration.

  • Can I use Sparkle for a couple of months or do you require a contract?

    Our low prices are based on annual service. Special pricing is available for non-annual service.

  • Will I still need to occasionally add chemicals?

    No. Our service will properly treat your pool and keep it sparkling clear. In the event that you have a unique situation, we can arrange a special service call (for no additional charge unless caused by equipment problem, or we are locked out on your service day).

  • Does Sparkle Pool Service help reduce eye irritation?

    Yes. By properly maintaining the chemical balance of your pool, eye irritation will be reduced or eliminated. Additionally, to minimize eye irritation, we recommend proper filtration, adding water after you swim (not before), removing pool cover 50% of the time (so water surface is exposed to air), and taking steps to keep urine out of your pool. A strong smell of chlorine combined with eye irritation is actually caused by chloramines. Chlorine breaks down the chloramines.

  • How will I know that you have serviced my pool?

    We utilize a state of the art tracking system that records the GPS of our service tech and sends notification when service is completed