Why Sparkle?

Benefits of our service:

  • Sparkling Clear Pool Water
  • No dangerous chemicals stored at your home
  • We save you time and money
  • Precision water analysis and balancing of water
  • Reduction in eye irritation
  • Unique liquid chlorine and special water conditioners
  • Swimming 1 hour after pool is serviced
  • Email notification when service is completed
  • Pricing competitive with buying retail chemicals

Note: Chlorine is an oxidant and is a dangerous chemical to store at home. People are injured every year due to the reactivity of chlorine as well as other pool chemicals such as hydrochloric (muriatic) acid. Play it safe and let Sparkle provide your pool with the proper chemicals each week. Several pool chemicals are regarded by the EPA as toxic and hazardous. Additionally, chlorine causes metallic items stored nearby (bicycles, garage doors, automobiles, paint cans, electrical equipment, lawn equipment, etc.) to rust quickly due to chlorine being a strong oxidant.